Miami is a magical city whose beautiful tropics, large parks, and lush surrounding waters set the sceneries for the vacationers. If you are vacationing with your family or friends and want to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics of State Parks in Miami, you are exactly at the right place.

Other than glamour and nightlife, there is more to Miami. If you are a nature enthusiast and want to spend some time in outdoor activities like cycling, walking, or just relaxing in beautiful and aesthetic sceneries, this article will cover the 5 most popular state parks in Miami.

However, as vacationers, I know how the locations that are far away from where you are residing does not only waste your time traveling but also become very costly. Therefore, when you reside in Miami, having some state parks within 100 miles is a feasible situation for you.

And worry no more. Here is the list of the 5 most popular state parks that are within 100 miles of Miami.

Everglades Boardwalk

Oleta River State Park (11.1 Miles)

Oleta River state park is one of the largest urban parks in Florida. It is just 11.1 miles away from Miami so you don’t have to waste your time or money to reach there. This park is especially the best place to visit for the bikers as the peaceful and beautiful sanctuary offers an aesthetic experience.

The river is a plus point because it makes the experience very much relaxing for the visitors. Bonus, this state park also offers to have overnight camping. Additionally, if you are into experiencing water adventures, there is a beach for a great dip and shower facilities for cleaning up later.

When you feel a bit overburdened with the crown and noise in Miami, Oleta State Park is going to be your escape for a long, quiet, and peaceful walk.

The Barnacle Historic State Park (4.4 Miles)

Spread around almost 5 acres, the Barnacle Historic State Park is just 4.4 miles away from Miami, which means this is one of the closes State Parks you are going to find where you reside.

One of the specialties of this park is that this park has one of the oldest houses at the same location in Miami. Built-in 1891, this home is open for the visitors to have an amazing and historical experience of an era when all the travel in the city was being done using a boat.

Also, you can enjoy the experience of a picnic with your family and friends under the shade of tropical trees. Being the closest to Miami, this park is your go-to option to save your time and money and have a peaceful and refreshing experience.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park (8.4 Miles)

Bill Baggs is one of the favorite and chose parks to experience the quiet and peace that you are looking for. As a visitor, you can swim, sunbathe and have a picnic with your family and friends. Not only that, you can even rent bikes, even the four-seaters, and enjoy the biking experience.

Along with the beautiful sceneries, you have options of two restaurants that are surrounded by water and beautiful nature. You can even have your own space to have a barbecue and grilling experience on your own.

The park is only 8.4 miles away so save you time and space and have an amazing experience of a peaceful and quiet time just to relax.

The Everglades

When you talk about the sanctuary in Florida, Everglades is the first park that will come into people’s minds. Yes, it is that famous and huge. The park is spread over 1.5 million acres so you can imagine the wholesome experience you are going to have.

The Everglades is one of the most treasure and precious gems of South Florida. It will give you an experience of “River of Grass” which means hammocks, wetlands, mangrove forests, and swamps.

Not only that, the Everglades Park provides you a mixture of history, nature, and culture altogether. Along with the hiking and biking opportunities, the park also provides airboat rides, however, don’t forget to plug in your headphones during an airboat ride.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park (96.9 Miles)

With amazing sceneries and natural views, Jonathan State park offers you bicycle rentals, motorboats, kayaks, canoes, and guided horseback rides. Around four miles from the park entrance the River Campground is situated.

Also, on the east side of the park, Pine Grove is situated and you can have an amazing experience of sustainable and organic food and beverages in the outdoor setting overlooking the Loxahatchee River. What makes this park unique is the amazing combination of upland lakes, coastal sandhills, the pristine Loxahatchee River, and the scrub forests.

Additionally, this park will offer you historical knowledge too if you are interested in history.  The knowledge includes the story of shipwrecked, World War II training camp, the legendary wild man of the Loxahatchee, etc.

However, this park is almost 97 miles away which may take you some time to reach but the experience is definitely worth it.

State parks in Miami are great for recreation and other outdoor activities. You can bring your family and have great fun together. If you are interested in hiking trails, then check out the national parks in the greater Miami area. They are all good especially if you are a beginner because they teach you how to respect nature. They also offer you some of the most unique and fun things that the whole family can enjoy.