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American Cuisine

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American cuisine is basically the same type of wide-ranging cultural influence. America is frequently described as the melting pot of all the world, in which numerous individuals from different nations and various states join together to form one harmonious People.  One of the most popular types of American cuisine is that of southern European cuisine, as well as African cuisine. These are two very popular varieties of American food that have gained fame in the hearts and minds of many people in the United States.  Another very popular type of American cuisine comes from the history of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. There are numerous tribes such as the Inuit, Native American, Chicano, and many others, who developed their own unique style of cooking and influenced other cultures to follow suit.

Although most American dishes incorporate poultry as their primary meat, beef is also used frequently. Other items include fresh vegetables such as onions, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and others, eggs and poultry products such as bacon and pork. The popularity of American cuisine in the United States has increased over the years since the popularity of fast food and convenience foods have spread all over the country. However, with the recent trends of health consciousness, a growing number of people are increasingly health-conscious and are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. More people are also taking on home-style cooking techniques, replacing traditional cooking techniques with fresh, natural ingredients that are easy to find and afford.

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