We all dream about having relaxing vacations, in a beautiful destination with friends and family, and what is better than having a private yacht charter to do so? If you have been looking to know more about renting a yacht charter, this article will cover it all for you.

Private Yacht

Reasons you should book a Yacht Charter

Here are some of the reasons to book a rental yacht charter.

  • You can’t have a private and relaxing vacation when you are cruising with a thousand other people. Therefore, when you book a private yacht charter, there is nothing but privacy and relaxation.
  • These yacht charters may be looked after by professionals, but you are authorized to decide the destinations. It is totally up to you where you want to visit.
  • Cruise ships won’t allow you to practice social distancing in these times. Booking a private yacht does.
  • Best of all, you get luxurious services in a private yacht charter. From accommodation to meals, yacht charter provides you a luxurious experience throughout.

What to do to plan a trip in the Private Yacht Charter?

A vacation in a rental yacht charter is totally different so it is difficult to understand what to do. The information given in this portion will help you plan your trip to the yacht charter. Here are the points you need to keep in mind while planning your vacation.

  • Always ask beforehand and keep in mind the size of your yacht. When packing, you must think about the size of the vessel and the limit of the storage allowed. Additionally, most of the yachts have basic luxuries like linens, toiletries, and robes provided.
  • Before leaving, always know about the weather conditions of the area you are visiting. Additionally, look for the gathering you are planning. If it is formal, make sure you take some formal clothes to complete your look.
  • You will be provided some sheets to fill in what you require on your trip and the crew will work on it. This includes the sites you want to see, the sports you will like to have onboard, etc. Make sure you fill it with all the things that you require.

These are very few and basic tips to make your trip go according to your requirements. To have better services, you may contact the company you are booking your private yacht charter with.

What to expect from Yacht Charter and Boat Rental?

Technically, renting and charting a boat are the same things. All you have to do is pay someone to use their boat. However, both terms refer to different boating experiences. Here is what you can expect from boat rental and boat charter.

Boat Rental:

  • Rental boats are usually small or personal boats.
  • The boats are available for rent from an hour to a day depending on how much time you require.
  • These Rental boats are basically powerboats and faster motorboats.
  • For shorter trips, renting smaller plastic boats is also allowed.
  • You gather your own crew and create your own experience.
  • However, for everything you need for extra activities like fishing, sports, etc. you need to bring your own equipment.

Yacht Charter:

  • These boats are usually motor yachts or bigger sailing boats.
  • You can have a comfortable stay for almost a week.
  • Three types of boat charter are there with different packages:
  • Captain charter where you hire a competent captain because you are part of the crew. This captain will operate the boat, do all necessary operations, and avail the provision of meals.
  • A bareboat charter is almost the same as a boat rental because there is no captain or crew included and this is part of the agreement. You are the charterer and you have full responsibility for the vessel along with the financial and legal responsibility.
  • A crewed charter is different than a cabin charter because it allows you to decide who will be in your crew. You are supposed to hire the boat staff like hostesses and cooks.
  • There are also modular programs available. This means the company will provide you the boat along with helping you to find a captain and a cook.

Beginners’ guide for booking a Private Yacht Charter:

Here are some of the questions you may have in your mind, answered for you.

1-     Time of year you should charter:

Yacht chartering is basically done in two main seasons, i.e. summers and winters. The summer season starts from May to October while the winter season is basically from November to April. Selecting the time is totally up to you depending on your holidays and the season you want to enjoy.

2-     Most Popular Places to Charter:

The yachting destinations vary with seasons. According to the reviews and research, summer the most popular yachting destination in the Mediterranean. During the winter period, the Caribbean and the Bahamas are the top spots for private yacht charter.

3-     The Yacht Charter Experience you want:

To unwind and relax, book a yacht with a company that provides services like onboard massage and spa. If you are charting with a family, on board games, sports activities, water toys, etc. are needed.

4-     A number of people you can bring in a Yacht Charter:

It depends on the size of the Yachts you are going to book that may vary from 80 feet to 300 feet and larger.

5-     Type of yacht you should charter:

This completely depends on the gathering you want to gather on the Yacht charter. Do browse through the company’s Yacht’s details and choose the best suited for yourself.

6-     How long should you charter?

Most of the charters provide you the time from seven days to fourteen days. The rates are quoted per week. However, food, dockage, fuel, etc. may add additional expenses to your trip. So make sure you decide the number of days you want to stay according to your budget.

Private Yacht Charter – Conclusion:

Considering a Yacht Charter? Browse our fleet of private Yachts.

In conclusion, this is very much true that you can’t find privacy, freedom, and quality time anywhere else other than a private yacht charter. No matter which rental yacht charter you select, you will have a platform to do what you wish to do throughout your vacation.

Additionally, booking a private yacht is totally different than a commercial cruise ship. In a cruised ship you have to share the cruise with complete strangers and you have rigid and fixed timings for particular activities.

However, this is not the case with a private yacht charter. Booking one will give you complete freedom, flexibility, and privacy. Bonus, you are not even charged for daily conveniences such as having water sports activities, etc.

If you want to have feelings of a floating palace, book a private yacht for yourself. Also, charting a private yacht is a lot more fun than staying in a resort. This is because you get to experience exactly what you require in a private yacht.

Last, of all, there is nothing better to enjoy your vacations in these crucial times than booking a rental yacht charter. This gives you the freedom of not being in contact with strangers and observing social distancing freely and properly. So if you are looking to have vacations that you can thoroughly enjoy in these difficult times, booking a yacht charter is definitely a good option.