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Florida is a southern U.S. state that borders Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi.  Orlando, Tampa, Miami  It has dozens of miles of beautiful beaches to explore.  Its low-lying areas with dunes, marshy undergrowth, and thick vegetation make this a perfect habitat for many species of birds. The unique mixture of wildflowers and large evergreen trees along with the influx of tropical fish, manatees, and sugar gliders make Florida a top vacation getaway spot for adventurous tourists.

The best time to visit Florida can vary depending on what part of Florida you are planning to visit. Some areas have the best weather during the summer months.   If you plan to travel to Florida during the winter months, the best time to visit is between late February through early April because cold weather is not as prevalent as it is in the warmer months of summer. When planning your holidays to Florida, you will need to check out some popular cities such as Orlando is famous for its well-developed arts scene, especially in South Beach, Miami is famous for its theme parks, such as Walt Disney World.

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